Strawberry cheesecake high protein

x1 Core power Fair life Vanilla Shake (can use the nutrition plan as well)
x1 TBSP SF Cheesecake Mix from Jell-O
x2 TSP SF Strawberry Flavor from Jello-O
Mix in- I used graham crackers (any store brand works) after I got the consistency I wanted which was about 3-4 respins post initial light ice cream spin. Add the mix-in after you get the consistency you want (Not before).
Run it on light ice cream the first time, then you’ll need to add 2 TBSP of any liquid down the middle (I’d use unsweetened almond milk or any milk of your choice), then run the rest on re-spin until desired consistency.
Graham Crackers- I highly suggest you add this in as it just makes it so much better! You don’t need a full serving. I used half a serving, but you can add more to your hearts desire ????.
Macros without mix in are:

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