Air Fryer Candied Bacon

Air Fryer Candied Bacon

Just when you thought bacon couldn’t be better, along comes this Air Fryer Candied Bacon recipe. It’s sweet and salty, for a perfect snack!
PREP TIME :   5 mins      
COOK TIME :  10 mins  
SERVINGS   :  4   
CALORIES   :   583 kcal 


  • 1 Air Fryer


  • 1 pound bacon
  • ¼ cup brown sugar


  • Place bacon slices in a shallow dish with brown sugar. Toss bacon slices well so both sides are coated with brown sugar.
  • Place slices in the air fryer basket, working in batches so they don’t overlap while air frying.
  • Air fry at 380 degrees F for 10-12 minutes until bacon is crispy. Remove slices and place on a cooling rack or on a plate to cool before eating.


Top Tips:

No matter if you call this millionaire bacon or billionaire bacon, everyone will agree that this pig candy is yummy! I like to use dark brown sugar for this recipe as it makes it a delicious treat.

Cooking the bacon in the air fryer is also a great way to keep the bacon grease separate from the bacon, as it will fall through the bottom of the air fryer basket.

But did you know that you can actually use that leftover bacon grease for other air fryer recipes and cooking recipes? I’ll save it and store it in a jar and then use it for cooking at other times. (It’s really good to use when you’re popping popcorn!)


Calories: 583kcal Carbohydrates: 15g Protein: 38g Fat: 40g Saturated Fat: 14g Polyunsaturated Fat: 7g Monounsaturated Fat: 18g Trans Fat: 0.2g Cholesterol: 112mg Sodium: 1909mg Potassium: 584mg Sugar: 13g Vitamin A: 42IU Calcium: 24mg Iron: 1mg

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