Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Chaffle


Have you ever craved a decadent and indulgent waffle without compromising your commitment to a keto-friendly lifestyle? Look no further than the Peanut Butter Chaffle – a delightful twist on the classic chaffle recipe that combines the rich flavors of peanut butter with the satisfying crunch of a waffle. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the origins of the peanut butter chaffle, delve into the key ingredients that make it a keto-approved delight, and provide step-by-step instructions to create this mouthwatering treat in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Understanding the Peanut Butter Chaffle

So, what exactly is a peanut butter chaffle? The term “chaffle” itself is a clever fusion of “cheese” and “waffle.” In the context of this delectable creation, a peanut butter chaffle is a keto-approved waffle infused with the rich essence of peanut butter. This culinary marvel is crafted from a harmonious blend of free-range eggs, shredded mozzarella cheese, a sugar-free sweetener like Erythritol, natural peanut butter, and a dash of high-quality pure vanilla extract.

Ingredients Needed:

Free-Range Eggs: Utilizing free-range eggs at room temperature ensures the perfect consistency in the chaffle batter, contributing to its fluffiness and richness.

Cheese: Shredded mozzarella is the star of the show, providing a crispy texture and a mild taste to complement the other ingredients. Feel free to experiment with cheddar, provolone, or Colby jack for a personalized touch.

Sweetener: Erythritol, a powdered sugar-free sweetener, adds a touch of sweetness without compromising the keto-friendly nature of the recipe.

Natural Peanut Butter: Opt for a creamy, smooth, natural peanut butter with no added sugar. The label should boast only two ingredients: peanuts and salt, ensuring purity and authenticity.

Vanilla: Elevate the flavor profile with a high-quality pure vanilla extract, enhancing the overall taste of your peanut butter chaffles.

How To Make This Recipe:

Step 1: Melt the Cheese In a double boiler or microwave, melt the mozzarella cheese until smooth. The key is to maintain its warmth for elasticity throughout the chaffle-making process.

Step 2: Prep the Waffle Maker Preheat your waffle maker, grill pan, or sandwich grill for a few minutes, ensuring an ideal cooking environment for your peanut butter chaffles.

Step 3: Make the Batter Combine egg, melted mozzarella cheese, Erythritol, natural peanut butter, vanilla extract, and a pinch of sea salt in a medium-sized mixing bowl. Mix until a cohesive batter forms.

Step 4: Cook the Chaffles Place dollops of the batter onto your preheated waffle maker, grill pan, or sandwich grill. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes until the chaffles exhibit a delightful golden hue around the edges.

Step 5: Cool and Repeat Transfer the chaffles to a cooling rack and repeat the cooking process with any remaining batter. This recipe yields two chaffles, but feel free to adjust quantities based on your preference.

Step 6: Add Toppings Optionally, adorn your peanut butter chaffles with low-carb toppings. Butter, sugar-free syrup, nut butter, keto-friendly fruits, whipped cream, low-carb jams, or chocolate chips are all fantastic choices to elevate the flavor profile.

Storage Instructions

Leftover peanut butter chaffles can be stored for future enjoyment.

In the Fridge: Cool completely and store in a resealable plastic bag or airtight container. Consume within 3 days.

In the Freezer: Cool completely, then store in a freezer-safe bag or container. Enjoy within 3 months.

Keto Chaffle Topping Ideas

Butter: Enhance richness with a pat of butter.

Sugar-Free Syrup: Add sweetness without extra carbs.

Nut Butter: Elevate healthy fats with peanut or almond butter.

Berries: Enjoy keto fruits like strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries.

Whipped Cream: Indulge in a sugar-free version for a satisfying topping.

Low-Carb Jams or Jellies: Infuse sweetness and flavor.

Low-Carb Chocolate Chips: Add a touch of sweetness and chocolatey goodness.

Low-Carb Sweeteners: Experiment with Erythritol, stevia, or monk fruit for added sweetness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use a different cheese in this recipe?

Yes, feel free to experiment with cheddar, provolone, or Colby jack for a personalized twist on the classic chaffle.

Why is it essential to use natural peanut butter?

Natural peanut butter with no added sugar ensures the authenticity of the recipe and aligns with keto dietary guidelines.

Can I make the batter ahead of time?

While it’s best to cook the chaffles immediately for optimal texture, you can prepare the batter and store it in the fridge for a short period.

How do I reheat leftover chaffles?

Thaw at room temperature for a few minutes and then heat in a toaster or pan until warm and crispy.

Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Chaffle

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Indulge your taste buds with a quick and easy Peanut Butter Chaffle a delightful keto-friendly treat perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or snacks. In just 10 minutes, you can savor the sweet and nutty flavors of this waffle, making it an ideal choice for those following a gluten-free, keto, or vegetarian diet. Net Carbs 24


  • 1 medium Egg

  • ⅓ cup Mozzarella Cheese, shredded

  • 1 tablespoon Erythritol, powdered

  • 2 tablespoons Natural Peanut Butter, smooth/creamy

  • ½ teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract

  • Pinch of Sea Salt


  • Melt the Mozzarella: In a double boiler, melt the mozzarella cheese until smooth. Turn off the heat but keep the cheese warm for elasticity.
  • Preheat the Waffle Maker: Preheat your waffle maker, grill pan, or sandwich grill for a few minutes.
  • Make the Dough: In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine the egg, melted mozzarella cheese, Erythritol, peanut butter, vanilla extract, and a pinch of sea salt. Mix well to form a dough.
  • Cook the Waffles: Drop dollops of the batter onto your preheated waffle maker or grill pan/sandwich grill. Cook for 3-5 minutes until the waffles are slightly golden around the edges.
  • Cool and Serve: Allow the chaffles to cool for a few seconds, transfer them to a cooling rack, and repeat with any remaining batter. Serve with your favorite toppings.

Nutrition Facts

  • Calories: 158kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 3.7g
  • Protein: 12.6g
  • Fat: 10.6g
  • Cholesterol: 85.2mg
  • Sodium: 1390.8mg
  • Potassium: 176mg
  • Fiber: 1.3g
  • Sugar: 1g

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