Chicken, Cheddar & Mushroom Pasties


When following a slimming diet, pasties are often strictly off the menu. Not anymore! With our Corned Beef Pasties, you can enjoy a filling, savory pasty once more. One of our group members, Laura, came up with this fantastic recipe and it’s too good not to share!

these Corned Beef Pasties are a great slimming-friendly way to enjoy a classic pasty, perfect for anyone counting calories or following a diet plan such as Weight Watchers.

You won’t believe how good these Corned Beef Pasties are. Super simple, and a filling made with only a handful of ingredients, you can be sure there are no hidden nasties in these pasties and they haven’t been covered in lashings of oil like many high street bakers do: you may never go back to the shop bought version.

The beauty of this technique is how versatile it is. You can experiment with different fillings and flavors, you can make them for picnics or as a snack and you can even serve with veggies and gravy for a substantial dinner.

About Time 

  • Prep Time  10
  • Cook Time 10
  • Total Time 20


Amount Per Serving

  • Carbs 26G
  • Protein 5G
  • Fat 2G
  • Saturates 1G
  • Sugars 2G


  • Aldi Bramwells Chicken in White Sauce (1)
  • 3 x Weight Watchers Wraps (HexB)
  • 5 x Mushrooms sliced
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Sea salt & Black Pepper
  • 50g cheddar (HexA)
  • 1 x EggInstructions
    1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.
    2. Empty the chicken in white wine sauce into a small pan and start to heat through. Slice the mushrooms and add this to the pan. Slice the cooked bacon medallions into strips and add this in.
      Season with salt & pepper.
    3. Carefully divide the mixture between 3 wraps- add a sprinkle of cheddar and fresh paisley then fold the wrap over.
    4. Brush the wrap with beaten egg and use a fork to crimp and close the edges.
    5. Bake for around 8 minutes or until golden.

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